About Chromatic Safari

At Chromatic Safari, we're committed to making a difference in preserving our planet.
That's why we're thrilled to support Oceana.org, a global leader in ocean conservation. Their commitment to transparency and impactful initiatives to remove plastic from our waters aligns perfectly with our goals.
We're also passionate about volunteering at and donating to the Friends of Ballona Wetlands, a dedicated team working tirelessly to restore the vital ecosystem of Ballona Creek's wetlands. Their efforts in trash removal, invasive species control, and native plant restoration are close to our hearts.
Our core mission is centered around key environmental goals: ending plastic pollution, protecting natural habitats, and promoting ethical, circular fashion.
We believe in the power of alternatives to plastic, supporting clean-up efforts, and advocating for sustainable fashion practices to reduce waste and environmental impact.
Every step we take is a step towards a healthier, more sustainable world. Join us in this journey towards a brighter future for our planet.